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One-on-One Personal Training

For those who prefer to workout in a more private setting, we offer traditional one-on-one personal training with programs designed according to the individual needs of each client.  Programs are continuously revised to maximize results and prevent plateauing.

Semi-Private Personal Training

With Semi-Private training clients receive the same personalized programming at a much lower cost compared to one-on-one training sessions. Although there may be up to four clients training during the same hour, each client’s workout is designed specific to his/her individual needs. These sessions are great for those who enjoy training with a partner(s); however clients are not responsible for recruiting the additional members for these sessions

Team Training

If you enjoy working out in a fun and challenging environment surrounded by the energy of other motivated participants, then you will love our Team Training classes!  These are NOT aerobics classes and no choreography is involved.  The sessions are designed to accommodate the physical abilities of all participants, from beginners to the very advanced.  Our Team Training truly is personal training in a group setting, and was designed as a more affordable option compared to traditional personal training.  In each session we challenge and motivate our clients using an encouraging, non-intimidating approach with fun exercises and great music to keep everyone energized!

Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching

“You can’t out-train a poor diet!” – This is so true and something that we continuously remind our clients.  Nutrition is at least 80% of the battle when it comes to weight loss and fat loss, and this is critical to understand in order to maximize training results.  Additionally, for people who are unable to exercise due to injuries or other physical limitations, successful weight loss is still possible through changes in eating habits.  We offer comprehensive diet analysis, meal planning assistance, as well as “accountability checkpoints” and coaching designed around each individual client’s needs and lifestyle to help them reach their goals.

Sports Conditioning/Athlete Development

We offer targeted training programs for high school and middle school athletes to enhance their performance in any sport. For young athletes who are serious about their sport, training is not a “sometimes” thing; it’s an “all year” thing.  In addition to specialized training for their particular sport, it is equally important to ensure their foundation is strongly built. This foundation includes power, speed, agility, flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, coordination, injury prevention, and mental toughness. If an athlete is missing just one of these components, his/her potential will be limited. For athletes to improve their sports performance, they must lay this foundation prior to the beginning of their season by following a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, including specific exercises to strengthen weak links, such as balancing exercises for ankles, and proper squatting techniques to develop hip and knee strength and reinforce correct movement mechanics.  Our programs are designed specifically to target these areas necessary to enhance athletic performance.

Comprehensive Fitness & Body Composition Analysis

Full fitness profile including height, weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, eight circumference measurements, and waist-to-hip ratio

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) & Mobility Assessment

The FMS is a standardized ranking and grading system used by many physical therapists that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. The scoring system associated with this tool is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns and maximize the effects of functional training and physical conditioning.


Our Philosophy

Next Level Personal Training Studio was founded with the philosophy that every client deserves comprehensive, individualized programming, tailored to his/her specific goals and physical profile, in order to obtain the best results possible.

Next Level functions under a results-based business model. This means your success is our success! Our approach is to OVER DELIVER, and to make sure our clients know that their progress is our top priority. ”Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” Therefore we are committed to providing our services with sincere intentions of seeing our clients reach their goals.

We train with integrity and a genuine passion for improving our clients’ health. Our training programs are designed using evidence-based best practices in the fitness industry. We believe that when it comes to personal health, people deserve to be guided honestly and through the safest means possible.

Unfortunately there is no magical pill, diet, piece of equipment, or other quick-fix method for dramatic weight loss. Gimmicks that promise “extreme results” that are “fast and easy” are exactly that, gimmicks. If you see something in the media or on late night infomercials that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Our Personalized Process...
If you want to successfully change your body, in a safe way and with lasting results, the only effective way to do this is through making changes in your exercise and nutrition habits. However, the specific changes may be different for each individual based on many physiological, lifestyle, and other factors.
At Next Level, we work closely with our clients to formulate programs that target their individual needs in these areas. We employ only the most qualified trainers, who are both nationally certified and highly experienced, in order to provide our clients with the highest level of personalized fitness service. We also offer comprehensive nutrition and weight loss coaching programs by trained specialists.

Perform Better.